Care Technology Alarm Monitoring

We will supply the equipment and monitor it 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. We will alert your next of kin, nominated contacts or emergency services to assist you in the event of an emergency.

  • Friendly and professional call monitoring services to individuals, Housing Associations, Assisted Living and Local Authorities.
  • 24/7 monitoring of Care Technology Alarms, Digital Roaming Devices and hard-wired Supported Living Accommodation
  • We have been established for 26 years
  • One of the first Emergency Response Centres to fully convert to a digital platform
  • 97.5% of emergency calls answered within 60 seconds
  • Capable of handling calls received from both analogue and digital devices.
  • Signposting people to trusted partners to achieve holistic outcomes.
  • Out of Hours Monitoring for Community Equipment Services and Housing Association Repair lines.

Monitoring & Emergency Responder*

We supply the equipment, monitor it, and will alert our fully trained responders to assist you in the event of an emergency. We can liaise with your contacts or Next of Kin to establish if you and they, want to be part of your care plan and be notified upon activation. This service is useful for people who’s family live out of their area and they want the reassurance that help is at hand when needed.

  • A Responder will be despatched for emergency situations.
  • Emergency Responder Service 365 days per year, 24 hours per day
  • Fully trained responders can carry out assistive lifting using specialist equipment
  • 90% of the Responders will arrive on site within 45minutes from deployment.
  • Each responder has been police checked (Enhanced DBS) for your peace of mind.
  • Less waiting time for a Responder visit, compared to an Ambulance when uninjured.
  • Specialist advice from our Falls Prevention Team, ensures holistic outcomes.

Well-Being Visits* & Phone Calls

We can provide welfare contact, and support for people with low level care needs. Sometimes, following discharge from hospital, or having been identified as needing extra support, we can provide visits or phone calls to monitor a persons wellbeing. We understand that sometimes you or someone you know may need some visits or prompts, and the care system may not allow for this, so in these circumstances we can offer a tailored well-being service to either call or visit you, to ensure you have peace of mind.

  • Outbound wellbeing calls to give reassurance and medication reminders
  • Calls can cover general wellbeing such as ‘how are you today’, prompts to eat and drink and prompts to keep in contact with friends and family by telephone/video etc.
  • Medication Reminder Calls can be specifically timed to match a person’s medication regime and will include medication prompts and checks about the availability of medicine supplies as well as the basic welfare issues covered in the general wellbeing calls.
  • Peace of mind for carers and family.
  • Structured care packages available for professional referrers

Lone Person Safety Monitoring

In addition to the wellbeing services, we can provide a digital alarm/pendant to give people the reassurance that they have help on hand, wherever they are, should they need it. These can be purchased and monitored by the Emergency Response Centre. The pendants offered are capable of ‘self install’ at home with a 3G connection, and require no other technology requirements, and when triggered, it alerts the call monitoring centre and a location can be found. Other devices are available that show on-going location markers thus being a useful device for people with memory loss or who get disorientated. All our technology enabled care equipment is supplied with product information which is appropriate to older service users.

  • Lone Person Safety monitoring 365 days per year, 24 hours per day
  • If a Lone Person needs help, then an alarm is raised and the appropriate action taken by our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre.
  • Allows people to feel safe wherever they go, whatever they are doing.
  • Various GPS devices with location monitoring, falls detection and two-way speech available
  • Peace of mind to wearer and their family.

Keysafe Supply and Installation

In most areas, we can recommend a local tradesperson to install a keysafe which is securely fitted in a discreet location outside of your property so that responders (yours and ours) can gain access. Keysafes have a 4 or 5 digit code to open them, are widely used throughout the Care industry and are a discreet way of making your keys available to your Contacts to use in case of emergencies.

*Some services are area dependent. Contact us directly to find out more