Case Studies

Chiptech GO Pendant

Our equipment not only gives reassurance to the user, but it also gives peace of mind to their Next Of Kin. We had a recent case where a wife was the main carer for her husband. After a nasty fall in the shower she urgently needed a device that would not only give assistance whilst at home, but also when they were away from the safe environment. After shopping around and not getting the right solution, she contacted Medequip Connect and spoke to our friendly team. By taking the time to find out about her and her husband’s needs, a Chiptech Go Pendant was identified as being the best solution for them. With its GPS location finding and two way speech that connects with our friendly Emergency Response Centre, it has given them a great deal of reassurance, meaning that she can go to the shops or hairdressers, without the constant worry of knowing if her husband is safe.

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Doro 480 Watch

With its Geofence and SOS button, the Doro 480 Watch has proved invaluable for a service user in Ipswich. We are able to support him to remain independent and carry out his normal daily activities, with reassurance for both him and the Adult Social Team. After identifying his specific needs, the Doro 480 watch was ideal. If he leaves his geofence or has a fall, the Emergency Response Centre has the authority to take the appropriate action. Depending on the situation, this could be to arrange for an ambulance or to call a taxi to take him home if he is unsure of how to get back there. We are always working with families, services users and Social Care Teams to provide the best fit solution.

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Chiptech EVA

Through an enquiry from Adult Social Services in Suffolk, we have helped them to support a younger person with complex needs to remain independent in their own home, with the help of one of our devices. There was a particular worry when the service user was preparing his own meals and the potential risk involved in doing this. The Council had looked in to providing a hard-wired smoke detection system in his home to support and protect him, but it was cost prohibitive. Through liaison with Chiptech, we identified that we could multi-link Smoke/Heat and Carbon Monoxide sensors to the EVA base unit, to be able to provide a safe and effective way of alerting the service user and the Emergency Response Centre immediately to any danger.

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Customer Testimonials

Fortunately, I have not had to call upon your services but unknowingly, I have sometimes pressed the pendant and your response has always been very quick to contact me. My husband used your services so many times, and the responders were very efficient and kind. We would have had to ring 999 so many times without your services.
Hill, Suffolk
My only experience was when I was contacted about the battery running low. An appointment was made, the equipment tested and replaced! Very impressive!
Rea, Suffolk
Lucy was very kind putting me at ease and eventually after making sure everything ok and comfortable in bed. I was so grateful to have someone assist me - if I didn't have the red button I would have remained on the floor all night as i live alone. Many thanks all round.
Morgan, Oxfordshire
I fell in the early hours of the morning, as a result of pressing the alarm my daughter was contacted quickly and able to attend. Had it not been for this service I could easily have passed away.
Nuttal, Cumbria