How it works

Care Technology alarms work by a device (either a base unit or a wearable item) communicating with a 24 hour Monitoring Centre who will then take appropriate action to keep the user safe. Historically, these were, analogue devices, however all new alarms supplied by Medequip Connect use digital technology. 

As one of the first Digitally Ready Care Technology providers in the UK, Medequip Connect receive alarms and notifications through mobile communications and from fully digital devices.

Our sector will be going through changes in the next few years with the digital switchover, we are constantly striving to find and test the most effective devices that suit our customer’s needs. An advantage of being part of Medequip Assistive Technology, who provide Community Equipment Services throughout the UK, means that we are able to purchase a wide range of technology care equipment and innovative products, to give our customers the choice they deserve and not be limited to one manufacturer.

3 Simple Steps to Join the Medequip Connect 24 Hour Monitored Service

Call Us Free or Order Online

Call our friendly customer service team on Freephone 0800 910 1390 or Order Online and get free, fast and tracked delivery now.

Get Set Up

Follow the easy set-up instructions for the device you have chosen and press the call button to test the set-up and speak to our friendly Emergency Response Centre team.

Complete a Test Call

Our Emergency Response Centre will complete a test call with you and check that everything is working correctly to give you the reassurance you need.

You are now Medequip Connect-ed! We are there 24 hours a day 365 days a year – at the press of your button to help keep you safe and living independently.

Digital/Future Proof Packages

Your Medequip Connect digital care technology alarm package comes with a voice guided installation. It consists of a base unit and a personal help button but uses a SIM card instead of a telephone socket. This means you do not need a landline and all calls are included in the price of our service.

It has a step-by-step set up process where it establishes good mobile signal coverage, ensures range testing the personal help button, and finishes with a full system check. This enforces correct installation at all stages with validation points, to ensure user safety.

As they are digital devices, they have the capability to have a Family Carer Application and has extended pendant range and battery back-up.

Digital care technology alarms also come with a wide range of sensors with the ability to detect and monitor such things as; heat, smoke, access/non access, toxic gases and floods to provide extra support for the more vulnerable customers.

Freedom/Personal Assistance Devices

We believe that care technology should not be limited to the provision of equipment within the home. We recognise that people want to feel safe when they are going about their normal activities and have the peace of mind that they have help available should they call upon it.

Medequip Connect have a selection of wearable personal alarms that can be used away from the home. These can vary from pendants worn around the neck or watches that can take your blood pressure as well as calling the Emergency Response Centre in an emergency. All of these devices include a SIM card to transmit data and voice to the monitoring centre and means that our weekly price of the equipment includes all voice calls to or from the device.

With our services now moving towards new digital innovations using data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) it is allowing us to be more proactive with our solutions and to limit crisis situations. Working with other forward-thinking companies we have been gathering information on some of the stand-alone systems and those that integrate directly into our monitoring platform.

We want to ensure people are offered the choice, freedom and support to remain independent, and have the reassurance that they are safe when they are in their own homes.

To order your system or to talk to someone about it, use our Contact page or our Request a call back page