Medequip Connect Make their Mark at ITEC 2022

On 28th-29th March, the International Convention Centre in Birmingham was transformed into a hive of activity. Stands were built, merchandise was arranged, and a vision for the TEC sector was artfully conveyed through a programme of seminars, talks, and interactive sessions. Coming together for the first time in two years, the exhibition hall was bursting with engaging displays, simulating shop floors, and lounge areas. The team at Medequip Connect created their own rendition, inviting delegates to sit and have a chat. Our Echo Dot giveaway and Medequip plushies were definite crowd pleasers.

Stand 23 - Medequip Connect; Delegates having a conversation

What makes or breaks a TEC service?

Spirits were high and so was engagement. To the question, “what makes or breaks a TEC service?” delegates wrote their answers on the board. One respondent said, people should be at the centre of care and the tech that supports them (smiley face!) Indeed, person-centeredness doesn’t begin and end with the initial referral or telephone call. Rather, it’s about the right TEC at the right time, in the right place for the right use. Another respondent wrote on the board – ‘service led rather than tech-led’. Certainly, technology is an enabler, not the end means. Being at a face-to-face event for the first time in a long time, it couldn’t feel truer.

CEO James Ibbotson talking to the Connect team; Seated within the audience at the Innovation Stage

While the conference hall had the atmosphere of a buzzing open market, the plenary sessions and seminars put faces and names to news and developments. No longer constrained to the virtual space, people were genuinely excited to be together again. A first-time conference goer, I made notes. Lots of notes. I dropped into networking sessions and struck up conversation over tea and coffee. The conference app allowed me to participate in live polling and the Innovation stage hosted lively panel discussions. ITEC was as vibrant as it was informative. There was a prevailing feeling of having come out the other side.

The TEC sector has innovated and endured during Covid

There is cause for celebration in TEC and the glittering Gala dinner in the evening provided the perfect occasion. Following the hardships and challenges of Covid-19, the sector has innovated as much as endured. Magic shows and live music brought the first day of conference to a closing hoorah! Where the first day of conference focused on breaking commissioning cycles and relieving pressure off Health and Social Care, themes on the second day tended toward Housing and futureproofing people’s homes – the role of TEC and services like Medequip Connect could not be understated. As we came away from conference still riding on the high energy, ideas and opportunities set loose in our minds, it was hard to believe ITEC was over. Until next time.

The ITEC 2022 Gala dinner; Caja and Medequip Connect ready for a night of glitz and glamour

ITEC 2022 was many things. For starters it was a reality check for the challenges facing our sector are great. We can no longer silo Health and Social Care, Housing, and Technology-Enabled Care. The TSA called for meaningful collaboration, complete redesign even. Certainly, ITEC was a breath of fresh air. It was a confidence boost. Medequip Connect created a unique space as we continue to carve our own path and trailblaze our one-stop-shop solution. What a pleasure to exhibit our services and technology! What a privilege it is to foster the coming-together of people, places, and ideas. See you next year.

First-hand account by Tessa Duell, Marketing and Content Creator for Medequip Connect

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