Oxfordshire Seniors Explore What TEC Really Means

Tessa and Rachel from Medequip Connect’s Community Engagement Team visited Aston & Cote Day Centre in October to talk about falls, long lies and Technology Enabled Care (TEC). Last week in Part 1 we discussed how seniors are at greater risk of falls and long lies, which can seriously impact their health and wellbeing.  

Medequip Connect provide Emergency Response throughout Oxfordshire and work with hospital discharge teams and falls prevention services UK wide to tackle falls head on. Raising awareness about care technology and demonstrating TEC devices in action forms part of this work. 

Seniors at Aston & Cote also shared their own experiences with falls. One member described an incident in their shed where they stumbled and fell and didn’t have their mobile phone to hand. Fortunately, they were able to get up, but they agreed that in future they might benefit from a care technology device. 

“TEC should be enabling,” said Tessa. “It enables you to carry on doing the things that you love.” 

Some seniors at the Day Centre already use care technology, had done before or knew someone that did. One senior had an alarm bracelet but was interested in the options available at Medequip Connect, as their current lifeline service only worked in the home. 

It’s the people behind the TEC who really count.

We understand that technology isn’t everything. The people behind the TEC are the ones who really make a difference, whether it’s people like Rachel in the office or Medequip Connect’s Mobile Responders, who respond to falls and emergencies every day. 

As Friends of Aston & Cote Day Centre, we hope our visit and presentation puts a local face to Medequip Connect, who operate both in Oxfordshire and across the UK. We want to keep the conversation about Technology Enabled Care going. 

“Talking about TEC inevitably means talking about falls, which can be difficult for people,” said Tessa, reflecting on the issues at large. “Long lies are a greater risk for seniors as well and pose a real potential impact on their health and wellbeing. Our Call Handlers deal with falls every day but thanks to our Responders and rapid action, we strive to make sure they don’t turn into long lies.” 

With ambulance waiting times increasing and falls often occurring at unsociable hours or away from the landline (such as in the middle of the night or in the bathroom or garden), having 24/7 Monitoring and Response available is proving a critical service for many at risk of falls and long lies. This is really important in the winter, when Health & Social Care services are especially busy. 

Don’t be afraid to talk about falls and long lies.

Acknowledging that falls are becoming a problem doesn’t mean giving up your independence. On the contrary, TEC helps people maintain their independence. Karen, Founder of Aston & Cote Day Centre, joined Tessa and Rachel in reiterating this message on the day.  

Karen has been working with seniors for over 25 years and has lots of experience in health, fitness and wellbeing, including running seated exercise classes and helping people regain their strength and confidence after a fall or operation. She is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers who work hard to make sure the Day Centre is a welcoming and vibrant place to be. 

“We always receive such a positive reception when we visit the daycentre,” said Rachel. “It’s lovely to see familiar faces and meet new ones. Karen is amazing.” 

Medequip Connect is very proud of its relationship with Aston & Cote Day Centre and we look forward to its future. Both are growing and we share a mission: to connect people to their local communities and bring back a sense of belonging. 

Medequip has since donated £100 to Aston & Cote Day Centre for the purchase of a much-needed anti-choking device, helping to keep seniors safer during mealtimes.

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