Medequip Connect Deliver TEC Services for The County of Dorset

Medequip Connect has announced that it is now delivering Technology Enabled Care (TEC) support services to over 1200 individuals resident in the county of Dorset.  

Medequip Connect will assist individuals and their families to find technology solutions enabling them to live independently at home whilst also supporting them to access the community, work, and leisure. Support will be provided to adults of all ages, transitions, and Children with Disability services as well as those with physical, mental health, and learning disabilities.   

Delivering the right equipment at the right time to support the needs of the service is a vital aspect of this work. In addition, Medequip Connect will provide support to meet the demands of partners such as the Home First initiative, under Discharge 2 Assess models which aim to achieve care and assessment outside the hospital environment.

The Medequip Connect team will provide an integrated solution engaging all sectors of the community, including hospitals, general practice, occupational therapists, carers, and families. 

“Our approach is unique,” said Stephen McKee, Head of Business Development for Medequip Connect. “We will be working closely with this community at every level, using our expertise in technology-enabled care to assist individuals and their families to benefit from new and emerging technologies in this field.” 

Medequip Connect is also pleased to announce a local Emergency Response and Falls Pickup service will be coming soon to the area. This service will attend to people in their own homes following a fall or urgent incident. Trained Emergency Responders use a special inflatable cushion called a Mangar to assist people up off the floor. They can also use First Aid and will provide support and reassurance in a confirmed medical emergency, staying with the person until emergency services arrive.

Medequip Connect’s digital technology connects to their 24/7 Monitoring Centre based in Rawtenstall, Lancashire. From just £4.30 a week, expertly trained and friendly Operators are ready to respond and get the help that’s needed, whether that’s contacting a loved one or mobilising Emergency Response. Medequip Connect keeps people connected.

For further information, please contact Chris Chung from the Dorset office on 03007771025. 

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