Medequip Connect Support Festival of the Future in Dorset

On October 12th Medequip Connect supported Futurefest22, a 5-day showcase of exciting digital innovations happening across the county of Dorset. In its third year, Futurefest22 was spread across different locations such as the Dorset Innovation Park in Winfrith, where Medequip Connect’s Dorset branch is based.

In making Dorset an even better place to live, work and visit, Futurefest22 was brought together to imagine what a digital urban centre might look like, both now and in the future. Discussions explored the importance of inclusion, data, skills, and potential careers in digital industries and technology.

Dorset truly is the growing home of digital, with more jobs than people are applying for in the sector. Futurefest22 highlighted how technology can be used to solve local challenges.

Through technology, Medequip Connect give families and loved-ones peace of mind and also reduce pressure on carers, as Head of Business Development Stephen McKee discussed during Connect’s Business Spotlight at Futurefest22.

“We work with suppliers across the world to bring kit to the local community,” Stephen said in his interview.

The pace of innovation in Technology Enabled Care is startling, with devices designed to look like necklaces and devices that are built into watches, enabling individuals to go about their day with discreet, non-stigmatising care-technology to hand.

But it’s also about the technology people already have at home.

We are living in a digitalised world and more and more older adults are getting online. The Covid-19 pandemic also motivated many people to use digital services for the first time and to use the internet and technology in different ways, including smart devices.

“We can connect to people’s devices at home,” Stephen explained at Futurefest, including smart watches and virtual assistant hubs like the Amazon Alexa. Connect are also using tablets and exploring opportunities with Virtual Reality.

Interoperability, where different computer systems or software can connect and exchange information, has become increasingly important in Technology Enabled Living.

Digital pioneers like Medequip Connect link their 24/7/365 Alert Monitoring Centre to people’s home devices, reducing the number of deployed kit out in the field and empowering individuals to use the technology they are already familiar with.

Connect have a strong track record in integrating sensors and systems in a strategic, safe, and cost-effective way. To this end, the TEC provider have been investing heavily in data aggregation, insights, and predictive care technology.

“Working for a technology company doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in tech,” Stephen was quick to remind everyone at Futurefest22. Of course, Medequip Connect is always on the lookout for talented technicians and engineers, but Emergency Responders continue to make a big difference to people’s lives every day, whether it’s helping someone up off the floor or just being a friendly face.

Watch Medequip Connect’s full Business Spotlight here: #FutureFest22 – Day 3: Winfrith – YouTube

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