Medequip Connect - Friendly Competition For Alzheimer's Society

Emergency Response Centre Operator, Jack Metcalfe writes about the Rawtenstall office’s Rugby World Cup sweepstake, and the money raised for a charitable cause.

As an opportunity to raise some funds for the Alzheimer’s Society, this year’s Rugby World Cup offered the chance to have a little bit of friendly competition in the form of an office sweepstake.

With a £3.00 per team buy-in, 15 hopefuls generously put their hands in their pockets to raise £60.00 with a prospect of winning 50% of the purse and bragging rights when their team wins the World Cup

After a fantastic, exciting tournament where the somewhat expected teams and a few surprise inclusions were knocked out one by one, we slowly whittled it down to just 2 lucky individuals.

Myself (who admittedly was a little overconfident in a flying England team) and Medequip Connect’s Operations Manager, Carol Clement (who had the surprisingly underrated South Africa team) came head to head in the Final, in what can only be described as an absolute mullering by the dominant South Africa.

Before the final, we decided that due to the great cause, we were all supporting that no matter who wins, all proceeds from the sweepstake would happily be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Alzheimer’s Society continues to offer amazing support and develop new methods to aid those living with dementia and their families.