What does our service mean to us? Thoughts from the staff of Medequip Connect

What is Telecare?

Telecare is the term which encompasses the remote care of elderly and physically less able people through the use of a monitored call system and the response to an incident, providing the care and reassurance needed to allow them to remain living in their own homes.

In the home, basic equipment supplied comprises of a call button worn on a pendant or wrist band and a base station the uses a phone line or mobile GSM network to connect to a monitoring centre. More sensors can be added to monitor movement or falls automatically.

Incidents are normally referred to a family member or carer for follow up if needed, but some services provide a trained emergency responder instead or additionally. The blue light emergency services may also be called if needed.

Proactive checks and reminders may also be offered to monitor a service user’s welfare via an out-going call from the monitoring centre.

What does Telecare mean to our staff?

“For me, Telecare and the Response Service makes a difference to those most vulnerable who might not have contact with many people throughout the day.” – K Knight

“Telecare means to me the chance to give people the confidence to stay independent in their own homes. It means giving families the peace of mind knowing that help will be available for their loved ones when they are not local or not able to assist themselves for whatever reason. If I had to sum it up in one word I’d say Telecare = independence” – M Curbishley

“I have been here for 7 years, and I still enjoy every day. Every call we take is a potential emergency and it is very satisfying knowing that the service we provide helps people stay in their homes for longer” – L Rothmeisel

“During my two years of working in Telecare, I have learned many things and found out the service is very handy as it helps relieve some pressure from the emergency services and clients family. I have recommended this form of service to a lot of people I know that could benefit from it” – S Collins

“Telecare means the satisfaction of knowing that the service we provide is helping to keep people safe, and is enabling them to remain in their own homes, living as independent for as long as possible” – R.Salmons

“What Telecare means to me, it means a lot to me as we’re helping people with their needs and changing their lives for the better and for them to know that we’re only a call away is amazing, I’ve never done a job like this before and I can’t imagine doing anything else” – C Caldwell

“I have been involved in telecare for over 8 years and still get great satisfaction speaking to clients and helping them when they feel scared, lonely or need medical help. knowing that they are just one press away for the help that is needed” – J Morley