Medequip Connect: In Your Area

We have been busy here at Medequip Connect visiting local hospitals and venues in the area’s that we operate promoting our services.

Our sister company, Manage At Home and Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd – our parent company have invested large resources into us and letting us tag along at their events.

They have allowed us to partner on events such as the Birmingham City Council Care Providers Conference at the Saffron Centre.

So far we have visited Workington Community Hospital, Ipswich Hospital, the Cumberland Infirmary to name but a few.

These events help us to showcase the equipment that we can provide via Medequip for those people who fall outside of any funding options.

A lot of our customers would not be aware what simple things are available through Manage At Home and Medequip Connect that can make such a positive impact on the users daily needs.

The Care providers conference helped us to engage with Carers and their managers directly as they are in touch with a large number of service users who might not otherwise be aware of equipment we can provide.

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