Medequip Connect: Customer Testimonial

One very pleased customer has written to us to share her testimonial to the Medequip Connect Service:

‘My husband recently had a nasty fall in the shower, so it was urgent to obtain a pendant that would not only give assistance whilst in the home but also when away from the safe environment.

After responding to one or two advertisements, these promised to send information, which didn’t arrive for a week or more, they also raised more questions than answers, I, thankfully, was pointed towards Medequip Connect, I was ASKED what I required for my husbands safety, and after that the necessary boxes were satisfactorily ticked, including GPS to cover any mishap away from and including the home, together with the fact the pendant becomes a mobile phone should the worse occur.

Upon pressing both sides of the pendant the location is picked up and an actual person speaks to and advises that help is at hand. What more could you wish for.

This has given us both a great deal of reassurance, which means I can go to the shops, hairdresser etc without the constant worry of whether my husband is safe.. All this happened in four days from start to the receipt of the pendant. That is service.’ – Mrs M

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