Medequip Connect Invests to Establish Industry-leading Digital Platform

We are committed to the implementation of an innovative approach to the delivery of technology enabled care services, based around the use of advanced information and communications technologies.

As part of this strategy, the company continues to invest in the future of telecare by moving all its systems to a robust digital platform well in advance of proposed changes within the telecoms industry planned for 2025.

In the UK, it is estimated that 1.7 million vulnerable people depend on telecare services. Medequip Connect focuses on supporting individuals to live safely in their homes and communities, using the new digital platform to provide services that are faster, more reliable and feature-rich to enhance independence and quality of life.

Opening up the real potential for smart-care systems

Some of the most innovative products coming onto the telecare market today are designed for use on a digital platform, but many providers have yet to invest in the analogue to digital shift which will enable them to support these products in the most effective ways.

The Medequip Connect team began the process back in 2017, prompted not only by the proposed move from analogue to digital, but also by an increasing awareness of the real and growing potential for smart-care systems. The team recognised the importance of having the right platforms in place to fully support and enable creative use of fast-developing technology for telecare.

The steps taken by Medequip Connect means that Medequip’s telecare arm is now one of the UK’s leading providers in terms of digital connectivity. What does this mean for service users? Faster, better, more responsive and reliable services, plus the ability to focus on providing support for the new range of wearable and peripheral telecare products designed to improve quality of life.

Building the digital platform

The communications technology behind all this is the digital platform, built around internet connections and SIP calling with improved bandwidth and faster speeds, essentially translating to improved functionality and quality, increased ease of use for operators and better provision for service users.

Working closely with selected telecoms and software partners, the Medequip Connect team examined a range of solutions. It was a steep learning curve designed to ensure backwards compatibility as well as future proofing and performance, which is already reaping rewards. One of the key benefits has been identified during the coronavirus pandemic, where many providers have found it difficult to homework because of connectivity issues. Medequip Connect’s agile and functional systems enabled a swift changeover to operate from multiple locations, ensuring reliable continuity of services.

Into the future

Today, Medequip is focused on providing the very best in modern telecare, working closely with organisations like DORO and Chiptech UK to support telecare and personal safety products designed for the digital age. The move towards wearables and peripherals for fall detection and personal tracking is enabling the company to raise the bar in technology enabled care.

For Medequip Connect, it’s all about integration. Today, with all calls handled on a single digital platform, service provision is easier, quicker, safer and more manageable, bringing everything together in one place for operators and providing an efficient and ever improving service for users across the UK.

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