Embracing New Technologies

Telecare has always had a certain amount of stigma connected to it in that some service users although they have a Careline in place are very reluctant to use it.

The premise of the Careline / Technology Enabled Care Service offered is to keep people independent for longer, in their own homes with the peace of mind that help is available at the touch of a button.

Technology has been such that this has been limited to the confines of the service users home and within the immediate area such as the garden.

We have been working very closely with a global manufacturer of telecare solutions, Chiptech who has developed a pendant that is still worn around the neck as they have been traditionally but uses a telephone SIM card rather than a traditional telephone line.

This GSM enabled service will allow the service user to be even more confident when out of the home, be that Shopping, Walking or whatever the individual wishes to do.

Should an emergency arise, or perhaps they fall whilst out and about there the device can automatically detect the fall and connect in real-time to the Emergency Response Centre (Careline) and provide an accurate location to get the most appropriate help to the correct location.

This revolutionary device developed by Chiptech is now available in the UK and looks to drive peoples independence up, giving the user the confidence to know that they can now be protected outside the home.

The battery life on the device can for as long as a month (dependant on usage) and charges simply by placing it on a charger anywhere in the home.

We are excited to be able to offer this new solution and have already established connections in the South Lakes and Midlands with more devices being tested by Local Authorities elsewhere in the country.